My injury

Why I won't be writing much for a while.

Just in case some of you missed it. I was at the oval the other night, and it was going to be quite a late finish. I was doing some work there. And I thought, oh, I'll take my skateboard. And I'll skateboard home. It's something I do every now and again; I haven't had to do it for a long time because I haven't really had to leave the house for a long time. But in this case, I did, I've been skateboarding for about four or five years when one of my boys asked me to teach him. So I learned myself and then taught him.

I skateboard it all the way through the oval, which is a lot of fun. And then I skateboarded up to Brixton got myself a train. And then all I had to do was skateboard there three or four minutes to home. And about a minute and a half from my house, I don't know what happened. It was late. I wasn't really concentrating. I might've been going a bit too fast considering everything, but one way or another, I came off the skateboard and I landed fully on my right arm. Depending on which doctor I talked to two at different times, it was broken between four and six times.

The surgeon said it was one of the worst breaks he's ever seen. Yay. I suppose.

So for writing, I haven't thought about how it will all work just yet. My arm's in a full cast, I can't sit up for long. This was made by recording it on a transcription app and then editing it slowly. Eventually, I'll be able to write one-handed on a phone better. But research and analysis might be trickier.

Podcasts are the easiest, so they'll come back first.  Some videos are already made; others can be completed. But writing is just harder with my injury.

Even sitting down and doing stuff is not particularly easy for me at the moment. On a lot of drugs, obviously. Most of my right arm is metal, which I'm getting used to as much as anything. Plus I've got a full cast on.

I'm OK, just a bit tired and sore.

But I still want to write, and so once I can work it out, I will.