About us

About us

Good Areas takes you into the footmarks of world cricket.

With over 150 articles per year, 300 videos, and podcasts, we cover the global game analytically and narratively more than anyone else.

Jarrod Kimber has covered cricket since 2007, including more than 150 Tests, multiple men's and women's World Cups, the IPL, and much more. He has also worked for many cricket teams, including Melbourne Stars, Scotland and St Lucia Stars. He spent almost a decade with ESPNcricinfo as their global writer, and is a commentator on talkSPORT.

Good Areas gives the deepest dive on the trends, issues and story of cricket from around the world. This means that there is plenty on Virat Kohli's shot at the MCG, Steve Smith opening and Joe Root's sweeps. But also coverage of associate teams, women's cricket and franchises from around the world.

But we also focus on the bizarre. Like what caused the global drop in white ball runs, the Zimbabwean shoe drama, how Kagiso Rabada was dismissed by a zombie ball, the strange world of New Zealand openers, how slow should a slower ball be, how Axar Patel broke cricket, and how a blue cartoon dog changed cricket.

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