IPL power rankings volume 2

We look at the runners and riders

(This piece is as of KKR v CSK - 23rd April 2023)

It’s power list time. My attempt to look beyond the results and points table and try and work out who is doing good or not in this IPL. As always, this is not a points table, it’s looking at trends, records, schedules and all that other good stuff.

Last time we had a whole bunch of teams on two wins and one loss, and then a couple of strugglers at the bottom. Bur our top four selections are all up there in the points table.

This time I have put together the kind of power list that is at once correct and awe-inspiring. So in the comments, you could argue about my rankings, or you could say, “Oh Jarrod, you are incredibly wise and all-seeing”.

The choice is yours.

But for now, let’s crack on.

1- GT

Vibes: Three close-ish games. They won them 2/1, could have easily been 3/0 or 1/2 as well. Think the Royals one will annoy them. But no matter how you look at this, they played three tough opponents and came out with a good record.

Batting: They’ve been batting very slowly while not losing wickets. Something needs to kick on a bit here. They’ve become the kings of the tough wickets but will that last on better surfaces?

Bowling: They are taking wickets out of their arse and have the best bowling Econ of any team in this period. Allowing 7.75 per over three games is pretty good.

Net Ave: +6.5

Net Econ: +.03

Real chance the Titans go 3-1 here. Home v Mumbai and Delhi, and an away game against KKR. If that happens they end up 7/3. But even a 2/2 split, which should be the worst they get to, means 6/4.

2 - CSK

Vibes: They did what good teams do. They split against the Royals and RCB and then dispatched the other two poorer teams. And the loss against the Royals could have easily gone their way. So things are pretty good in yellow.

Batting: The batting has been off the chain, averaging 40 in their last four and still scoring nearly 10 runs an over. Considering that was against two of the better teams as well those numbers pop even further.

Bowling: They are taking a lot of wickets, at an average of 22. But they are also coughing up nearly nine runs an over. As long as their batting keeps smashing it at 10s that is fine, but that number can’t stay true.

Net Ave: +17.77

Net Econ: +0.87

They have a very interesting next three games against teams that could give them trouble, and two are away from home. However, even if they go 1-2, they have Delhi at home after that. So they have themselves in a very good place going ahead.

3 - RR

Vibes: They won three on the trot, only to lose the next two and crash into the middle teams. This was four tough teams though, so I think they shouldn’t be too worried.

Batting: Their batting has looked a bit meh in that time. They’re using a lot of their batters, but we saw last year they are a team that needs to be carried from the top. They should really tell Jos to average 60 again.

Bowling: They are slightly better than average at taking wickets, but also at going for runs. They’re risking it all with the five-bowler plan, and so far it’s just about holding together. Not exactly what you want from one of the best teams around.

Net Ave: +1.14

Net Econ: -0.18

Three home games in four would be what I am putting up on the changeroom wall. They are not as dominant as they looked early on, but they’re still obviously a finals team. But going 3/1 in this block pulls them away from the middling teams and allows them to get right for the sexy time in the end.

4 - LSG

Vibes: Stole a last-ball one-wicket win over RCB, lost one in the last over with two wickets to get against Punjab. The best win was over RR and then lost to the Titans in a low-scoring one that probably will regret.

Batting: Been going nowhere. Scoring at just over eight runs an over and that is because they are losing a lot of wickets. Averaging just 21 per wicket. Too often their tail is in, they have to get more out of their top order.

Bowling: Their bowlers have been pretty good, allowing only 8.2 runs an over but not taking many wickets. Clear they have been outperforming their batters though/

Net Ave: -8.54

Net Econ: - 0.03

They have PK away,  then two home games, one against the surging CSK, and then they head to GT. The hinge game is PK, which takes them to 5-3. And even if they lose to CSK and GT, chances are they are still above 500. This is a tough schedule.

5 - RCB

Vibes: They have won three from four. They’re shining. The last two wins against teams roughly around their current record were very good. They are giving themselves a big chance of qualification after a slow start.

Batting: As long as they never lose any wickets ever, they will be great. You could see in theory last game how frustrated Maxwell was to get out. The problem is he had done his job. But in order for RCB to star, he has to bat for himself and then also those lower down. Tough gig. But over four games they are averaging 33 runs per wicket while scoring nearly ten an over.

Bowling: They are coughing up nearly nine and a half runs an over and taking wickets while doing it. They do have a good attack for taking wickets, and that should continue. But you want that to show in the Econ column eventually as well.

Net Ave: +10.25

Net Econ: +0.3

Only one game against a top-four team coming up. But three on the road. I feel like this is like when you are cycling and you want to push up a hill, and you are about to find out if you have it in you or not.

6 - PBKS

Vibes:  All things considered, them coming out 2/2 is more than fine here. They had two of the better teams, and they stopped Mumbai’s run. So they’d take this. Even if it still leaves them on the edge of .500.

Batting: They’re losing wickets at an average of 19, only Delhi is worse. But they are still scoring at 8.7 runs. So they’re using their full lineup, but pushing very hard.

Bowling: Their bowling has the same pattern. They don’t take wickets but they hold up in their Econ. Although even then it’s still only just par.

Net Ave: -11.3

Net Econ: +0.1

They need to be 3-1 over their next four games to give themselves a more comfortable ride home. If they can split the two super games, they need to beat Mumbai and KKR after that. if not, it is more of the same.

7 - MI

Vibes: The game against Delhi two weeks ago went a ball from them being out this season. Instead, they beat three putrid teams on the trot. Before losing to Punjab who were the best team Mumbai played. So are they better, maybe not, but they will be feeling better either way.

Batting: Their batting in those four games has been crazy though. Averaging almost 40 per wicket and scoring not that far off ten an over. That is some four-game stretch.

Bowling: Sadly their bowling Econ is letting through almost as many runs. However, they are taking wickets at 22, so that is helping them. But taking wickets and still going for runs is a worry, especially against poor teams.

Net Ave: +15.58

Net Econ: +0.26

Three of their next four are on the road. And their home game is RR. They could close this 1/3, and their season is over. So while they may be thinking they are back in it, the truth is, we’re about to find out.

8 - SRH

Vibes: Oh, this feels over. I mean they are not that far behind if they go on another run. But it doesn’t feel likely at all. Their only win was over the also struggling KKR. Hard to see anything coming out of this season.

Batting: Their batting is making runs, scoring at a staggering 9 runs an over and not losing wickets too often.  No problems with the willow in the last few matches.

Bowling: Their bowlers on the other hand are giving all of that back. Going at almost the exact same rate and taking wickets at 35. A truly awful number.

Net Ave: -9.95

Net Econ: +0.09

Here is something fun, over the next three games, it is very easy to see how Sunrisers could go 3 and 0. Back-to-back games against Delhi, with a chaser of KKR at home, are pretty handy. The problem is they play RR on the other side. But if they won all three, they’d be above 500, which would be something incredible on its own.

9 - KKR

Vibes: Four losses in a row. There is no good way to spin this. Someone has pissed in the bed and now they are lying in it. They lost to the only other sides as bad as them. It has been horrific, hard to see it changing.

Batting: Their batting has held up well. Look at their latest mess against CSK, even after an early collapse and some very slow top-order batting, they still went over 180. They have lost a lot of wickets, but are still scoring around 9 runs an over.

Bowling: They are averaging over 40 runs per wicket and going at 10 runs per over. They weren’t even playing good teams in that period. They just got hammered over and over again. An absolute stinking mess.

Net Ave: -18.41

Net Econ: -1.23

Want the good news, their schedule is about to get harder. Their next four games are against teams who have a legit chance of the finals at worst. They just had the easy part of their schedule and they shat in their bed. So if they win now, it’s even worse. Because it means they pissed their season away by losing to Sunrisers, Delhi and Mumbai in consecutive shitshows.

10 - DC

Vibes: They won a game. They’re on a streak. But you know, they’re stuffed. Losing to Mumbai was pretty much the end of their season.

Batting: they lose wickets more than anyone else, and also bat slower than anyone else. That seems subpar. Last two weeks they are the worst at both. At least they are consistent.

Bowling: Their bowlers are going at just under eight, and averaging 24 with the ball. If their batters had found a way to back that up even a little bit this wouldn’t be this bad.

Net Ave: -5.66

Net Econ: -0.26

They are 1 and five, if they beat the Sunrisers in their back-to-back series they would be 3-5, and still nowhere near playing in the finals.